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MAGCLEAN Magnetic Water Conditioner & Softener - Facts

As water molecules pass through the powerful, highly focused magnetic field, two things happen: molecules are polarized (organized) and the water takes on a net positive (+) charge. This physically changes the water's molecular structure. A soft calcite rhomboidal crystalline structure which may be washed out, flushed out, of the water stream is formed instead of a naturally occurring hard crystals. Thus preventing scale formation and gives soft water feel. These powerful magnets also create de-gasification, which decreases the taste and smell of chlorine. Water becomes wetter and softer. It reduces surface tension of water by increasing solubility.

MAGCLEAN's Utilitymagnetic treatment of water

  • The ability of scaling minerals to stick anywhere is dramatically reduced.
  • Scaling minerals are abrasive and hence needs to be treated.
  • Lower surface tension due to minor micro-clustering of the water.
  • No more white flaky buildup in glasses and containers.
  • Silky smooth texture of the water.
  • Essential minerals remain in water.
  • No salt is required and hence no additional salt in treated water.
  • Trouble free, long lasting and virtually maintenance free. No salt or electricity required.

  • Technical Specifications

  • "MagClean" is an online water conditioner(water softener magnets) available in different sizes depending on the diameter of the pipeline, & flow rate required.
  • High quality, very high value magnets are used in construction.
  • The Outer Shell of "MagClean" is of PVC Shell, can be supplied in threaded and flanged ends for pipe size 3/4".

  • Applications & Usage:

    DOMESTIC - MAGCLEAN avoids scaling in the water lines and Appliances like Geysers, Washing machine, Dish washer etc. Use of MAGCLEEN gives cleaner clothes, dishware and reduce or eliminate scale marks on tiles, glasses, car and other items.

    *Reduce Electricity Bills *Reduce Maintenance of Appliances

    HEALTH & BEAUTY - Magnetic devices for water treatment and prevention of such diseases as chronic prostatitis,radiculitis, hemorrhoid, overweight & obesity, women functional distressing, high / low blood-pressure, kidneys stones. MAGCLEAN magnetic conditioner helps soap and shampoo lather better, thus give you natural silky feeling and better skin and hair texture.

    *Less Shampoo & Soap *Healthy Skin

    AGRICULTURE & HORTICULTURE - MAGCLEAN reduces the surface tension in the water making it more soluble. Chemicals and fertilizers are more efficient in soluble water. Avoid choking of sprinklers for better irrigation. Reduction of seed germination time, increasing of productivity, enriching taste; increasing milk production, additional weight of cattle and poultry.

    *Increase productivity *Lower Cost

    CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY- Increasing plasticity and strength of cement rock; restoration of plasticity of ready-made concrete on building sites, increasing its resistance to pressure and tensile strength. No white scales on bricks or plaster surfaces.

    *Increase Strength *No Blister Marks

    BOILERS & COOLING TOWERS- Hard water builds up scale in cooling towers/ pipes thus choking the water flow which result into lower cooling efficiency and change of pipes and sprinklers. MAGCLEAN help reduce scale formation. In boiler scale formation act as insulation and result in poor thermal transfer. This decreases efficiency as more energy is required to transmit heat. MAGCLEAN prevent scale building and also helps clear existing scales.

    *Reduce Electricity *Reduce Maintenance

    FOOD & BEVERAGES - MAGCLEAN reduces scale build up in boilers, steamers, dish washers. The essential elements & minerals are not removed and remain in water so as to give fuller taste in the beverages and the food. Improves solubility and hence tastes of the food.

    *Lower Biological Growth *Reduce Operational Cost

    Long life - over 20 years | Zero Running Costs | Zero Maintenance - Fit & Forget | Easy Installation | Increase Efficiency & Productivity