ACDFAgriculture & Dairy Farming Magclean Magnetic Water Conditioner

    magnetic water softener for agriculture has many special benefits for sprinkling and irrigation, beyond the reduced maintenance from scale elimination.
  • Superior conditioned water can
  • Reduce water usage 30-50%
  • Reduce fertilizer usage 30-50%
  • Eliminate wetting agents with an increase or no reduction in irrigation effectiveness.

    This is particularly beneficial to golf course, produce farms, field crops, parks and cemeteries, athletic fields, and all lawns. This is possible because MAGCLEAN Agriculture Magnetic Water treatment reduces the surface tension of the water making it more soluble. All chemicals are utilized more effectively because of this increased solubility. This allows a sharp reduction in the amount of fertilizer required to provide needed nutrition.

    The ability of the treated water to dissolve the mineral available in both the soil and the water enhances the nutrient level in the soil available to the root system. Changing calcium silicate to calcium carbonate allows for better penetration of the membranes of the plant.

    MAGCLEAN water eliminates the need to use wetting agent because of the reduction in surface tension, which allows the water to penetrate the soil deeper and faster. A deeper thicker root system provides better growth. MAGCLEAN water spreads through the ground more uniformly, eliminating the puddling caused by over watering an area to eliminate dry spots. Improved germination is an additional benefit.

    Finally, the elimination of scale in your distribution system and sprinkler heads will greatly reduce overall maintenance requirements.


  • The Magclean reduces the surface tension of the water, which gives greater solubility of minerals and deeper penetration into the soil and root system.
  • Typically, over time, soil compacts. This restricts the root growth. When Magclean is used, the magnetized water de-clods and breaks up the compressed soil. This gives the roots of the plant or tree the freedom to grow and absorb nutrients more quickly.
  • In DRIP IRRIGATION, the mineral/scale barrier - known as the "Bowl Effect" - is dissolved which enables the root cilia to expand further into the soil. The rigorous and maximized efficiency of the root system is excited by the electromotive forces of the Magclean, which promotes healthier, bigger and quicker plant growth.


  • MAGCLEAN Has Came Up With A Method Of Magneto-Hydro Dynamical Activization Of Natural Waters Softener And Devices Used For This Method. This Method Is An Essential Part In The Whole Complex Of Using Magnetic Fields In Agriculture. It Includes Physical- Chemical Changes Of Natural Water Softener Parameters, Resulting In Improvement Of Filtration Properties And In An Increase Of Dissolving Properties Of Water. These Changes Result In An Increased Ability Of Soil To Get Rid Of Salts And Results In A Better Assimilation Of Nutrients And Fertilizer In Plants During The Vegetation Period.
  • It is known that plants and trees need mineral salts and microelements from the soil to function and photosynthesize properly. However, plants do not use the majority of nutrients that are in soil. While watering plants and water softener treatment system with normal water, only a small amount of nutritional elements dissolves in the soil and becomes available to the plants. Further consumption of these nutrients from the soil is very rare when plants start to grow and a larger amount of nutrients is required, the deficit of microelements results in low numbers of crop. The deficit of microelements/nutrients in the soil is the main reason for a decreased growth rate and low crop. That is the reason to why agriculture magnetic water treatment should be used for irrigation.
  • In addition, when the plant is watered using hard and non- magnetized water, white coating is formed on the surface of the soil: that is calcium bicarbonate and carbonate. Some of calcium bicarbonate is washed away by water penetrating soil and depositing on the roots of plants. The plant, then, starts to suffocate because of these depositions and in order to continue to feed, forms additional roots. This process results in a decrease of normal growth in plants. However, plants that are irrigated using water that is treated by "Magclean", easily take in mineral salts from the soil and no sediment is formed on the soil surface. Also if mineral and organic fertilizers are used, they dissolve better which results in their need for use is decrease by 50% and at the same time, plants still continue to develop without any extra effort. This results in an increased crop production and in an increased quality of agricultural water purifier products.

    • In short, the economic advantage of using magnetic water for irrigating the crops are as follow:
  • Vegetation Period Decreases By 15-20 Days, Therefore The Crops Ripe 15-20 Days Earlier Than Normally.
  • Crop production increases from 15-20% to 100%, and in some cases, even more.
  • Plant disease rates drastically decrease.
  • Taste of agricultural products improves.
  • Approximately 30% less water is used for irrigation.
  • Therefore 30% less energy is used in water pipes.
  • Sea water (salty water) can be used for watering (from 6-8 thousand PPM inclusive) and for some cultures, very salty water can be used (from 15 thousand inclusive).
  • By magnetizing seeds before sowing and by irrigating them with magnetic water, the need for crop material decreases by min. 30%.
  • Average of 30% decrease in fertilizer consumption....Read More