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Effect of Magclean water filtration on Golf Courses.

Magclean is an magnetic water conditioner that helps in improving the condition of water for swimming pool and Golf Courses water filtration. The Magclean magnetic Water Conditioner is a natural & non-chemical solution for problems caused due to hard water. This revolutionary new product offers maintenance-free and salt-free conditined water for your swimming pool and golf ourses water. Magclean makes your golf courses green. The growth of the golf course Industry in the last four decades has increase to the sum of over a billion dollars in revenues and has generated many new markets around the sport. However, as we go forward, the industry’s landscapes, continues to rapidly change. Example, on and off drought conditions and salinity issues confront almost all golf courses. Golf course supervisors have the daunting task of trying to conserve water while buffering and reducing salinity levels on an ever tightening operating budgets. Magclean Water Conditioner has met the challenges of poor soil and low water quality faced by golf courses by providing a solution which is not only cost effective but also environmentally responsible. Effect Of Magclean Water Treatment On Swimming Pools and artificial Water Bodies.

Magnetic Water Treatment is potentially of great benefit to pool water treatment in terms of reduction in use of oxidizing chemicals. magnetic treatment has been shown to stabilise solution pH eliminate corrosion of materials and reduce system downtime.

Swimming pool and spa users report reduction or elimination of scale caused by body oils. On pool and spa tile, a reduction or elimination of scale caused by hard water minerals is also noted. The result is a more luxurious swim with less chemical irritation to the eyes and skin and much cleaner pool or spa free of mineral built up.

Magclean swimming pool water treatment systems operates automatically, continually and permanently without any external power source. It has no moving part to wear out or be replaced.

  • Reduce scale and corrosion in all pipes, heaters and filters
  • Remove exixiting scale and corrosion from the inside of pipes
  • Efficiently stabilizes PH levels towards neutral
  • Increase chlorine effictiveness
  • No external power source required
  • Easily installe by the homeowner or pool service technician
  • Affordable, cost effective
  • Reduce Chemical costs
  • Improve filter performance

    • Applications
  • Residential pools
  • Commercial pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Spas
  • Decorative water scapes
  • Fountains
  • Whirlpools